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They say kids go to college to learn all about sex. After watching this BDSM ass whipping video you will agree. The coeds made the video during a live sex broadcast from their dorm room. Laughingly one of the girls actually covers her pussy up with her hand while the guys spank her fleshy ass with whips and a yard stick. Too bad because she has a really nice looking cleft of Venus pussy.

After receiving her whacks it is time for all four of them to make a coed orgy video. The blonde sucks her boyfriend’s cock while the brunette humps her man in the background.

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Teens Upskirt Panties

Please indulge me a quick trip down memory lane. It is a short story, and I think you’ll agree, it’s SO worth reliving…

Do you remember your 10th grade English Lit. class? Yeah, who the hell cares about that, right? Well for me, it was the pinnacle of my high school career. All because of this girl named Becca Langdon. Becca was blonde. Extremely hot. And she liked to be the center of attention. She always wore the shortest, skimpiest skirts with bright white cotton panties. And this was a HUGE payoff for me, because Becca was assigned the desk directly across from mine in 5th hour English Lit.

Becca was a total tease. A little heart breaker. And she had NO reservations about giving guys (especially the nerdy guys like me) little winks and grins and panty peeks – as if to say, "you know I’m too good for you, and you know you can never have this." So I knew I’d never get anywhere with Becca Langdon, and I just resigned myself to anticipating the days when she would wear a short skirt to class. Invariably she would look me straight in the eyes, flash the tiniest grin, and open her legs just enough to reveal her tight white panties. Talk about some long-lasting fap bait!

Well times goes by, and today I’m sure Becca Langdon is just an average mom, with average kids – complete with wrinkles, cellulite, and saddlebags. But she’s still perfectly preserved in my mind. Young. Tight. And hotter than ever.

From time to time when I want to relive those memories in full technicolor, I order some used white cotton panties from this used panty seller named Amy. Amy’s no teenage version of Becca Langdon, but she’s definitely cute enough, and her panties taste and smell just like I always imagined Becca’s would. So it’s not exactly the same, but it’s as close as I’ll ever get to nuzzling my nose in Becca’s bush.

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Try teen fatties to get laid on the first date on Amateur Match

I am often asked why I like to date BBW girls over skinny girls. The reason is that the plus sized teens will try a lot harder to keep you than their skinny counterparts will. So, basically, it all boils down to whether or not you want to get laid on the first date or not.

From high school on I have dated nothing but fat chicks. I can count on my fingers and toes the number of girls I have gotten to go ass to mouth for me. None of my friends can do that. Most of them can’t even get to the fingers on their second hand while counting the number of girls that have sucked their dicks.

So what if a girl is a bit chubby. That just means there is more to love. Besides, your cock doesn’t care how fat your date is.

Now I am not saying that you need to date fat chicks exclusively. On Amateur Match there are lots of profiles of skinny girls, average build girls, athletic girls and chunky girls. You have options up and down the board. Pick the girls that feel right for you.

When you are ready to get laid on the first date though, make it Amateur Match teen fatties all the way!

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